Become an AYBT Regional Director

Why Be an AYBT Regional Director?

AYBT has thrived in the Midwest for many years. We are looking to expand our AYBT Mission with like-minded basketball enthusiasts across the Nation. The first step in becoming an AYBT Regional Director is to run an AYBT Event, Tournament, or 1-Day shootout. As a Regional Director, your main responsibility is to build up more AYBT Events, Tournaments, or 1-Day Shootouts through recruiting new Directors and/or creating your own network of AYBT Events, Tournaments, or 1-Day Shootouts. At the point of critical mass, as determined by you and the AYBT Board of Directors, an AYBT National Tournament will be created according the guidelines set forth by the AYBT Bylaws.

AYBT Regional Director Responsibilities

The responsibilities of a regional director are easier than you might think! The necessities are as follows:
1. Successfully adhere to the responsibilities of an AYBT Director
2. Recruit existing tournaments and/or create a network of new AYBT Events, Tournaments, and 1-Day Shootouts!
3. Help promote the AYBT mission and your Events, Tournaments and 1-Day Shootouts to teams, clubs, and coaches in your region.
4. Market and encourage teams to attend other AYBT Nationals, Events, Tournaments and 1-Day Shootouts!

AYBT Director Compensation

An AYBT Regional Director will receive the same compensation as described for an AYBT Director and adhere to the same policies. The AYBT Regional Director will work towards creating an AYBT National Tournament in their region where they will become a National Tournament Director after a successful term as an AYBT Director and creating enough interest for a National Tournament. As a National Tournament Director, you will receive a stipend for running the National Tournament, a percentage of the profit from the National Tournament and a seat on the AYBT Board of Directors, and a possible seat on the AYBT Board of Directors.


Current AYBT Tournament Locations

To apply to by an AYBT Regional Director please send an e-mail to Kirk Whiteman at attached with a cover letter and resume highlighting your experience running tournaments.