Run Tournaments as an AYBT Director

Why Be an AYBT Director?

AYBT is always expanding to add AYBT basketball in new areas. Especially with current Tournament Directors to share in the AYBT Mission! Many club directors, school coaches and basketball “junkies” are looking to have more tournaments in their area or make money for their teams, clubs, schools, teams, or even themselves. Becoming an AYBT tournament director can satisfy these needs. Requirements to become and perform the duties of a director are minimal, but many directors have built tournaments of a very large scale as well as helped to improve their own program in the process.

AYBT Director Responsibilities

The responsibilities of a tournament director are easier than you might think! The necessities are as follows:
1. Find a site to run your event at or below a price level allowing you to make a profit.
2. Be on site on the tournament weekend as the tournament director.
3. Have a few people for volunteer labor for your admissions window and concession area.
4. Locate a supervisor of officials to schedule referees for your event.
5. Help promote the AYBT mission and your event to teams, clubs, and coaches in your area.
6. Market and encourage teams to attend other AYBT Nationals, Events, Tournaments and 1-Day Shootouts!

AYBT Director Compensation

An AYBT director will receive all compensation from their tournament and your profit will be determined on how well your event is attended and managed and based on how you control your expenses. The AYBT Director must use and follow the guidelines for all AYBT Directors by using the YBNetwork.NET web site and the terms and conditions associated with the YBNetwork.NET website in regards to fees.

• AYBT Directors set their price of their Event, Tournament, 1-Day shootout within the guidelines of their State.
• AYBT Directors have a District, a set area for which they are responsible to market all AYBT Nationals, Events, Tournaments & 1-Day Shootouts.
• AYBT Directors are encouraged to work at one of our National Tournaments where they are paid a very well hourly wage.
• AYBT Directors have access to a scholarship fund to be dispersed per the AYBT bylaws.


Current AYBT Tournament Locations

To apply to by an AYBT Director please send an e-mail to Kirk Whiteman at attached with a cover letter and resume highlighting your experience running tournaments.