Rules and Registration

Playing on the American Youth Basketball Tour

The AYBT has provided a rewarding experience to over 50,000 teams through the years and understands the dynamics teams have in finding quality tournaments. AYBT wants to meet the needs of our teams so we have partnered with YBNetwork.NET to make it easier for teams to find, register and view game schedules through a seamless online experience. Our local AYBT District Directors can certainly help guide you through the process of playing on the AYBT and below you will find some helpful hints!

  • First, a coach will need to form a team. For club director’s and school coaches of multiple teams, our partnership with YBNetwork.NET will create less work on your end!
  • Next, the coach or club director should visit YBNetwork.NET and create their free account, then start by adding your team and building your roster information. You should add the team according to grade division and skill level. AYBT’s rating system helps to schedule teams of similar ability to play against each other, maximizing each team’s benefit.
  • Once your team has been created, visit the main page of YBNetwork.NET and search for tournaments specific to your needs. Type in AYBT in the find filter if you only want to search for AYBT events!
  • With AYBT’s new partnership, TEAMS WILL NOW PAY THE TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR DIRECTLY through the YBNetwork.NET registration process. AYBT will no longer require teams to pay for multiple tournaments up front, teams will pay as the go per the deadlines of the tournaments they choose to participate.
  • Participating in AYBT events, tournaments and 1-day shootouts gives teams a $25 rebate to attend one of the four (4) AYBT National Tournaments.
  • Enjoy a family-friendly and rewarding youth basketball experience!

Taking part in AYBT’s boys and girls youth basketball program is a rewarding experience for the entire family, and it only takes a few steps to get in the game. For a more detailed description of American Youth Basketball Tour policies, see our game format & regulations page.

New AYBT National Packages and Rebate Program! 

  • $25 *rebate at Nationals for every local AYBT Event, Tournament or 1-Day Shootout your team participates (up to $100)
  • 2 National Bonus Package:  $150* rebate for adding 2nd AYBT Nationals.
  • 3 National Trifecta Package:  $300 *rebate for adding 2 extra AYBT Nationals.
  • 4 National Buzzer Beater Package:  $545 *rebate for playing all AYBT Nationals.  Play 4 get your last AYBT National for FREE!

All teams are invited to Nationals and coupled with our AYBT National Packages a team can receive up to $645 in *rebates. Teams will receive money back at team registration of their last AYBT National Tournament depending on what AYBT Nationals, Events, Tournaments or 1-Day Shootouts your team participated in during the year.  Please look below for rebate guidelines.

Teams must be paid for the tournaments they attend before receiving their rebate money.  At team registration of your team’s last National Tournament, your team will be given money up to $645, depending on how many AYBT nationals, events, tournaments and 1-day shootouts your team participated during the calendar year as of January 1st. Teams receive a $25 rebate for each AYBT tournament, event, 1-day shootout for successfully participating in the AYBT tournament; up to $100. Teams choosing to participate in multiple AYBT National Tournaments will also receive a $150 rebate for each additional AYBT National. For teams choosing to play in all 4 AYBT Nationals, the team will receive a $545 rebate, along with a $25 rebate (up to $100) for any AYBT events, tournaments and 1-day shootouts your team participated in during the calendar year as of January 1st – the $150 additional AYBT National rebate does not apply to the rebate program if a team chooses to play in all 4 AYBT Nationals.  AYBT reserves the right not to honor the rebate if the team no-shows a scheduled AYBT Tournament or game, is kicked out of an AYBT Tournament. If this occurs, teams must contact to state their case. However, AYBT will honor the $25 rebate if a team is successfully paid for an AYBT Event, Tournament, 1-Day shootout that fails to host your division.  If a team has an unpaid balance with an AYBT Director or AYBT Nationals, the team will forfeit the unpaid balance portion of their rebate.